Saturday, July 21, 2007


I can't believe it, but we actually show up in the Armory now!


The other cool thing is it allows us to actually use the sig generator.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Key Mapping

We've been trying to get in the habit of using the mouse to move instead of the keyboard and let us tell you, muscle memory is hard to unlearn. To help with that we've messed around with our key mapping and some macros as well.

a = Cast sequence macro for our tracking and finding ore.
q = This has always been our auto-run.
w = Hunter's mark/pet attack macro
e = Mend Pet
f = Frost trap

It's been going pretty well, sure we've accidentally attacked some things by hitting the w key, but it hasn't gotten us in too much trouble yet. We think this is going to work out for us.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yeah, so about that boomstick...

We had quite the day yesterday. We went from 21 to 24 and had a good time doing it. We started the day in a PuG for Wailing Caverns. We'd like to take the opportunity to point out that we've hardly ever done instances in the past.

Let's just say that it was paritally successful. The group could have been better. We were lost, we wiped a couple of times, a warlock belittled my BM build. Really quality stuff. The good news is that we managed to pick up this:

An extra 15.8 DPS and a pretty good extra effect. So, we've shelved the boomstick for now.

The day continued with another, much better PUG for WC. We easily took the instance with two pets tanking for us. Quality stuff. We didn't get many more good drops, but we managed to get enough BoE stuff that sold quickly in the AH to go on a quick shopping spree. Suffice to say we're equipped much better now. We'd post a link to our armory page, but we still don't have one. I'm not sure what's up with that.

We finished the day doing some questing in Hillsbrad and Ashenvale.

So a couple of things I don't understand about players sometimes:

1. When the warlock left our group during the terrible WC run he says, "bunch of noobs, you guys suck". Look, we're fine if you have an opinion but why be rude to people? We'd never do it.

2. There were multiple 40+ Alliance running around in Hillsbrad. Now, we know it's fun to go out and kill some lower people sometimes, but why spend 3 hours doing it as a 41 warlock did? We just don't get it. Granted, she wasn't very good. Hell we almost killed her. Maybe she can't take anyone her own size?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rule #1

Cleo and Ghala's Rule #1 of being a hunter: Your boom stick is your friend!

On our way to Level 21 I had my first 100+ crit. We know, we know it's not a big deal to all of the 60+ hunters out there, but it was exciting for us.

Some of the fun between 18 and 21:

1. We got our first two HK's, the first was in Ashenvale while we were doing the Warsong Reports quest. A Shaman that was two levels above us ran right up to us. Cleo loves her some casters. Mmmmmm.... casters. Of course her two buddies, both in the mid-twenties that were following behind her made us pay.
The other was while we were doing the escort quest from Norwatch Hold. We accidentally tab targeted a ?? lock and managed to take her down with the help of a nearby troll of some type. She got her revenge, her DOT's took Ghala down shortly after killing her and we had to do the quest again. Stupid DOTs.

2. We passed the 10g mark. BRK's got it right, skinning and mining are the way to go. This is the first time we haven't had a trade skill and we've got to tell you. Money is nice.

3. We joined a guild, we're in a guild that houses some casual players like us. It's small and we'll have to see how it goes, but the people seem nice enough.

4. We love the blur that Cleo has become after training Bestial Swiftness. It's like an orange tabby on speed.

5. We started practicing CC with our newfound ice traps. We also realized we need more practice, but we think we've got the principle.

6. Oh and we died to a hunter that didn't have his pet out in Ashenvale. Here's my question, what kind of crappy hunter are you if you don't even have a pet out? I'm confused. Granted hew was four or five levels above us but we should have taken him. We screwed up and forgot to keep running while we Marked/Pet Attacked and stood there for a second letting him get a couple of cheap shots in. The whole running with the mouse thing is still a work in progress.

Hopefully we'll have an account of a PuG WC run in the next post, we'll have to see how the night goes.


Well aren't we just cute?


Well, after spending all of the last couple of days reading through various blogs and sites including BRK we're inspired to document our travels through WoW. You'll have to excuse any spelling/grammatical errors as Ghala isn't the best writer in the world. Cleo could type but her paws a just too damn big!

While Ghala's been on vacation for the last few days we've spent time growing up together. Not as much as we'd like, but time none the less. Ghala is an orc hunter and was adopted by Cleo around his tenth birthday. He's just so good at giving kitty treats, how could Cleo resist?

Tate, the guy behind Ghala, has various alts but the highest he's ever made it is level 41 as a warlock. Dont' get me wrong, he loves the drain tank, but he there's just something about the bond between a hunter and his pet.

We've been learning on the fly, but the resources that are out there for hunters are fantastic. BRK of course being our favorite. Ah the wit(?), sarcasm, and beastmaster goodness we can only aspire to.

To start, we're going to just give you small updates on our progress. Maybe some anecdotes of our travels and then we'll see where this takes us.

Current Level: 18
Current Hunting Grounds: The Barrens (how oh how to survive the chat?).